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Patient Testimonials

I have worked as an Optician for many years with some of the best Eye Physicians in the Greater Boston area.  When I developed cataracts and needed surgery I found myself having to make one of the most important decisions about my own healthcare. Which one of my colleagues would I trust with my own vision?
My choice was Dr. Eric Putnoi and it has unquestionably been the best one I could have made.  He provides his patients with a unique combination of a warm compassionate personality with medical expertise that is tops in the eye care field.  Dr. Eric Putnoi is one of the first Ophthalmologists in the Greater Boston area to be credentialed to use the new Femtosecond Laser for cataract surgery. He performed this revolutionary new cataract surgery on both of my eyes and I am thrilled with the results.  There was no discomfort and the recovery was quick and efficient. I feel like I am seeing the world in high definition as the colors are now brilliant and the contrast is remarkable. It is wonderful to drive at night with excellent vision and a renewed confidence.
I highly recommend Eric Putnoi, MD to all my customers and encourage you to make the same choice!

Dana Cohen – Optician

[I] Wanted to send you a brief note to tell you how pleased I was with the treatment I received from Dr. Putnoi and his staff during my recent cataract surgery. I’ve never had any kind of eye surgery before and was nervous about the procedure. The office visits prior to surgery quickly calmed any nervousness I had because everything was so thorough and professional.  All of the preparation and measurements taken by Dr. Putnoi and his staff gave me a sense of assurance I was in good hands.

Upon entering the surgical center, I was amazed by the treatment from all the personnel and the vast amount of first rate equipment surrounding me. The procedure itself was incredibly easy right from the beginning. Although there were many other patients there having similar operations the large staff of nurses, assistants and doctors gave me very personalized attention. The initial laser procedure was like watching a laser light show and the surgery itself was 100% painless. I got a multi focal lenses and left the surgical center with no pain and better eye sight immediately.

From the very first time I walked into Dr. Putnoi’s office up to leaving the surgical center the experience was one I would recommend to anyone needing this type of procedure.


Eye doctor with patient

I can see clearly now

When sitting in the front row of Sister Miriam’s class no longer helped me decipher her handwriting on the blackboard, it was clear I needed to see an eye doctor. I left my first appointment with a pair of the standard-issue-1950s, black-framed glasses with lenses as thick as the bottom of a Coke bottle, in second grade. My early-onset sub-standard eye sight has been my excuse for never having played sports and I’m sticking with it.

Through the miracle of Ophthalmological advances, I progressed from heavy glass to light plastic lenses, hard to soft contacts, and then to the inevitable bi-focal. Over the years edges became fuzzier, colors duller, and driving at night became more of a harrowing experience for my front seat passengers. After three prescription changes in past three years, my eye doctor mentioned a term I had previously associated only with very elderly relatives: cataract surgery. He assured me that in spite of my spry and youthful appearance, my vision was neither and needed surgery.

After a period of denial, I acquiesced and booked a surgical date for eye one and, a week later, eye two.

Arriving at the surgical site at 6:30 a.m., I join[ed] a waiting room of sight challenged seniors. One by one we were summoned by an attendant who appeared to be in his teens. He told us to leave our glasses with our designated driver.

As I was permanently separated from my eyewear dependency, I followed very closely behind the attendant and walked into a hallway, hoping that the bright lights I saw at the end of that long hallway were not a portent of things to come. A wide wood door opened to reveal a room full of chairs that resembled Barcaloungers. This seemed appropriate enough, given the age of most of the patients in the waiting room.

As I settled into my recliner a series of medical personnel began prepping me for surgery. I was fitted with a diaphanous Johnny which I was very glad to place over my clothing. The Johnny came with a matching shower cap that not only covered my hair but also served as a convenient location for stickers identifying who I was and which eye was to be corrected, my left.

After that, an attendant read me the typical list of questions concerning physical ailments and associated medications that beset one as years accumulate. I proudly answered “no” to all. Another attendant began flooding my left eye with drops intended to dilate my pupil larger than any child of the Woodstock era had ever experienced. The third was there to assure me that he’d bring me to a state of anesthetic bliss just short of unconscious.

Then began the parade of the Barcaloungers as each of was wheeled though a blurry landscape to our respective surgical locations. What felt like a moment later, I opened my eyes again. Seeing with remarkable clarity through my left eye’s clear plastic pirate’s patch, I sipped at an offering of ginger ale and munched on a saltine. After about 10 minutes of recovery, the same young attendant led me back to the waiting room to my patiently waiting wife. At least I think she was my wife. Thank you Dr. Putnoi.

Dr. Russo was right on time, explained each procedure and what she found. Her gentle approach and clear explanations were greatly appreciated. A rare find!”

Meg D.

“Very good! Great experience”

Konrad M.
Tech with patient

“Great and very willing to teach me”

Sarah G.

“Fabulous – very nice manner and very thorough. I would recommend this doctor to anyone”

Deidre J.

“Excellent. Timely”

Arthur E.

“Thorough, good interaction with me and intuitive communicator”

Stephanie C.

“Great. Doc was very thorough and nice”

Laura G.